Common Sense Strategies provides your company with the opportunity to open doors that are essential to your business growth.  Our networking contacts are as good as it gets.  We get you the meeting; you close the deal.

“Common Sense Strategies with Steve Levy at the head enabled us to have direct contact with potential new clients. Steve’s responses to our needs indicated his wiliness to understand our business model in order to communicate our services to these new potential customers. What Steve did in a very short time frame, we could not do over several years. We owe these potential growth opportunities to Steve and his staff at Common Sense Strategies.”

Michael Haberman



Too often the purchasing process in a company can become stale, and get by through inertia rather than aggressive competitive pricing. CEOs and even CFOs can become consumed by long term planning or just figuring out how to meet the cash flow. While it was hoped vigilant oversight would be applied to the purchasing process, the reality is that it is often delegated down the line. Inventory, parts or services may oftentimes be procured simply based on a personal relationship, or the path of least resistance. Bringing in an impartial, dispassionate set of eyes can save a huge amount by forcing vendors to show your company how they can better serve you at a lower cost.


Growing Your Business and Obtaining Grants

Most folks would be surprised to find out how many government grants and low interest loans are available to private businesses to fulfill specific functions or to grow their company. Have you ever wondered why that competitor was able to afford to re-insulate his entire warehouse and office buildings, while you could not even dream about it? Maybe it’s because he or she was able to procure a state or federal grant or loan to make it happen.



Many businesses are not aware of services available through specialty firms that can prepare all of their letters, documents and record keeping requirements. This type of service can keep benefits, workers compensation and other employer expenses to a minimum.


Computer Needs

A businesses’ computer and IT needs are crucial to success, but they can be very expensive.  Yet, major savings can be effectuated without sacrificing the quality of service rendered to your customers.  CSS can help your company meet its computer needs while cutting related energy costs by up to 30%.  CSS will assist your business in constructing a state of the art database at a surprisingly realistic cost and show you ways you can continue your entire system in the smallest area imaginable.  The state of the art automated services that could be provided to CSS and its affiliates could save your company hours of manpower, improve your record retention, safeguard your data, and lower employee benefits packages.



Most business that rely on transporting their goods either contract out the function or establish the standard gasoline or diesel oriented fleet. Huge savings are available for a business willing to explore less traditional fleet operations. CSS will show you how to tap these resources.



Insurance is often procured through a contact. It is assumed that you are getting the best deal available. Not necessarily so. Even calling around to four or five companies to price shop is not always going to lead to an employer finding the policy that is right for your business. The key is to find the hidden jewels within the specialty markets, those insurance firms with economies of scale in distinct markets.

We can provide supplemental accident, cancer and life insurance policies that are paid by employees on pre-tax income and mitigate your company’s FICA payments.

Joining a P.E.O.

Thousands of businesses across America are taking advantage of regulations that allow employers to save 20% on their health instance by joining a Professional Employee Organization (PEO).  The PEO provides payroll and H.R. assistance while pooling services to get you huge economies of scale.


Energy Usage

Governments have found that  major savings can be experienced by implementing an energy usage overhaul. CSS can help a business obtain a free of charge energy audit that could provide automated temperature settings and light deactivation systems. Insulation and professional office arrangement can also result in a large payoff in a relatively short time frame. You might even be eligible to collect rent from solar companies erecting solar carports in your parking lot.


Make Money From Your Refuse

While we are always going to have to pay to have some of our garbage carted away, there are actually realistic opportunities to make money from your discarded materials. Old computers, nicad batteries, video equipment, aluminum,, copper,  and other product are valuable to the recycling firms that have a relationship with CSS. One call from your office and we can provide a  FREE analysis of your company so you too can be making, rather than losing, money from your business trash.


Workers Comp Savings

Numerous governments have already saved millions in workers comp premiums by instituting proven  risk management plans. Let CSS prepare this innovative plan with its renowned experts, on your behalf so you can concentrate on running your business.


Drivers’ Liability

Did you know that some companies have saved up to 60% on their vehicular losses by instituting the type of specialized driver safety simulation safeguards utilized by CSS and its contractors. Can your company save in this way as well? Call us and find out.


Phone bills

CSS has a way for your company to possibly save up to 25% on your phone expenses at absolutely no diminution in service. You may be entitled to credits from the phone company that you are not aware of. Let us find out for you.

Other valuable CSS services include:

Lower your taxes

CSS affiliates with a law firm that can tell you immediately if your company could  have the potential to successfully challenge your tax assessment through a tax certieri petition. They do the work, you collect the savings.

Specific legal expertise at a 1/3 savings

CSS can show you how to utilize the latest innovation in the legal field.  Instead of paying a retainer for a $500 per hour high powered law firm, why not try our method of tapping the knowledge of the attorneys we have gathered in every business law specialty.  Our unique contractual relationships get you an ala carte selection of the best experts in a needed field,  while saving hundreds of dollars per hour for the service.